Our mission at Stretch the Imagination is to create a safe and nurturing environment where the process of learning is creative and collaborative. We focus on the exploration of the arts, music, and movement as a learning process that promotes child development and curiosity. It is a place of research and collaboration where children and teachers learn together through project work and creative discovery.

Our image of the child is one of capability, potential, and competency. We strive to create learning opportunities where children and teachers can come together to explore, communicate, and express themselves.  These experiences are based on the children’s interests and needs and their interaction with the world around them.

Our educators at Stretch the Imagination take inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of Italy, the importance of play based learning, and the developmental benefits of art, music and movement.  We hold true to the belief that knowledge is learned from experiences with others. We trust that the interaction, exchange and investigation that we embark upon with others give us the ability to construct knowledge. We believe that it is not only what a child learns, but how a child learns that gives quality to the educational experience.

Stretch the Imagination is a community of educators. We use the power of art, movement and music to honor and cultivate the imagination of each individual child. We strive to inspire curiosity and creativity through a learning process that encourages collaboration and discovery.  We embrace your child’s right to learn and most of all to have fun.  We use art, movement and music as wonderful tools of communication in order to promote curiosity, encourage a child’s confidence, and enhance a child’s development.