Michelle Lawton (Founder)

Photo of Michelle LawtonMichelle is the founder of Stretch the Imagination School as well as a mom, a teacher, an artist, and a dedicated yoga practitioner. After graduating from Duke University with a teaching degree in 1994 she took a circuitous route through the media and technology worlds to end up where her passions lay – in education.  After teaching at one of the prominent preschools in San Francisco,  she decided to start Stretch the Imagination in 2002. Stretch the Imagination was started with the goal of creating a nurturing school where children come to learn through creative discovery. Michelle strives to create a school where time and space are given to the discovery of these creative outlets.  As a mom and educator it is important to her to create a special place where your children, and hers, can be safe and learn while having fun!

Connect with Michelle’s on her blog @ http://blog.stretchtheimagination.com.