Parent Testimonials

Stretch the Imagination was the perfect way to gently ease my son into a social, separate-from-me atmosphere. The staff’s expert and cooperative approach to handling his separation anxiety allowed him-and me! - to become completely comfortable in the preschool-like setting. Now he loves to go to “his school”.
-Kate W.


My 3 year old, Fletcher, loved Stretch from the day he started. His mind has been opened to more creative and imaginative adventure than I could have imagined for a toddler. We are blessed to have this program in San Francisco.
-Kelly B.


We couldn’t be happier with Caroline’s experiences at Stretch so far. Everyday she comes home singing new songs and sharing anecdotes about her projects, activities and her time with her friends. The program is set up perfectly for two year olds to play, learn and grow in developmentally appropriate ways.
-Valerie B.


One of the strengths we see in the Stretch program is its faculty. We greatly appreciate their warmth and their love of children. …When we ask her to name her friends at school, she often starts by naming her teachers. Pulling in for drop off, I can see Whitney smiling and waving at them. As a parent, this warms my heart and helps me know that she is in kind, caring hands.

Reading all the bulletin boards on parent night was informative and inspiring. My husband and I felt that it reinforced our belief that the Stretch program is both creative and intentionally designed. While the program is child-centered, strongly guided by the children's interests, ideas, and input, it is also clear that there are specific learning goals for all activities.

We refer to Stretch as "school" - and one of the most invaluable things to us is hearing Whitney say, "School is fun!" Since this is her first "school" experience, we love that the mention of school elicits such joy and excitement from her.
-Stacy M.


I have been selective with whom and where my children spend time, especially before they are able to speak and express themselves verbally. From the moment I spent time in the Stretch classrooms talking with the teachers who obviously LOVE what they do, I immediately felt that this was a special place. Since Lilli started at Stretch, her verbal skills have taken off and she has been able to share some of the joyous experiences she has had there. She loves painting, clay, music and yoga poses. I love knowing that she is having positive, empowering experiences in a nurturing atmosphere. Stretch the Imagination is the only place that I have felt safe enough to leave my toddler. I am so grateful to Michelle and to Sage for creating such an amazing place. Thank you.
-Jean W.