Green From The Beginning

Stretch the Imagination is committed to respecting our environment and teaching this respect to even our youngest citizens.  We strive to set an example for our students while also involving them as participants in our green initiative. Each classroom has its own compost, recycling, and trash cans. Children learn the difference and the importance of the waste we produce.

It has also been an important goal of ours to create schools and classrooms that are as free of harmful chemicals as possible. Everything from the green cleaning supplies we use to the recycled paper products in our offices is a part of our green commitment. All of our classroom furniture is formaldehyde free and the walls are painted with the latest in “no VOC” technology. Our play areas are filled with wooden toys and recycled materials to invite imaginative play while still supporting a healthy environment.

Stretch the Imagination is always striving to find new ways to improve our green efforts.  We are currently partnering with like-minded organizations such as Eco-Mom alliance to further our efforts and commitment. We are committed to educating children while also preserving the environment that holds their future.