Stretch Preschool Enrollment 


Enrollment In Our Preschool Program:


Applications for our preschool program are accepted all year long however we encourage all registrations and applications to be submited by February 1st, of each year to be considered for the following school year. We offer group tours throughout the Fall each year. Group tours are attended by parents and are adult only events although infant in arms are always welcome. The tours will provide you an overview of our early learning program, and will give you a chance to meet parents and educators of the school. You will also be given the opportunity to ask questions of the Director.


In order to apply for either of the preschool programs you will need to do the following:


1. Fill out our online registration  Registration Fees is $25 for 2014/2015 (Link)

2. Complete our application (Link) and send back to the Preschool you are applying to by February 1, 2014. You should include a family photo with your application.
SF Stretch the Imagination 2509 Bush Street San Francisco , Ca 94115 or Marin  Stretch The Imagination 47A Tamal Vista Blvd Corte Madera, CA 94925)


Acceptances for Fall 2014/2015 are offered on March 1st in San Francisco and late February-early March in Marin and you will be notified by email or called to discuss class availability.


Thank you for your interest in Stretch the Imagination

SF School Info :



Marin School Info: