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Diaper donations for HPP

Thanksgiving meals for HPP

Gardening in the Presidio

Trail building in the Presidio


Partnership with Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP)

HPP's mission is simple and yet so powerful: In partnership with families, break the cycle of childhood poverty. They “believe every family wants to deliver healthy babies in a stable and nurturing home.”  The ways in which we often help are simple and have an immediate impact. The Community comes together each year for four efforts to benefit the clients of HPP. Learn more on the HPP website.


Diaper, Wipes, and Formula Drives

HPP distributes almost 50,000 diapers to clients each month. Stretch holds three diaper, wipes, and formula drives over the course of the year (in the fall, winter, and spring). Our largest collection yielded 8,850 diapers and 7,380 wipes for the families at HPP. 

Thanksgiving Meal Assembly

We partner with Grocery Outlet to provide a bag of Thanksgiving meal staples to over 450 HPP families. We assemble the bags as a community and bring them to HPP to distribute to their clients before the Holidays.


Partnership with the Presidio Trust

The Presidio, located just blocks away from the school, gives Stretch an accessible and special opportunity to build nature connections as a community. Our volunteer efforts have included beach clean ups, community garden weeding of non-native plants, and even trail building. Learn more on the Presidio Website

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