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Tuition 2023-2024 School Year

Tuition is for the full school year which starts in September and ends in early June. Please also note that all our five-day programs are 4 hours in length with additional extended day options available. Our two-day and three-day programs are 3.5 hours in length. Our three day program has an additional lunch bunch hour available. Our summer camps run weekly through the months of June, July, and August. Please note: Tuition may change slightly from year-to-year.

Program Type  Tuition 
2 Day/3.5 Hour Program $11,600
3 Day/3.5 Hour Program $17,350 
5 Day/4 Hour Program $23,275

Financial Assistance

Stretch provides financial assistance grants for families who feel that the cost of attending the school would pose a financial hardship. Families who qualify for financial assistance pay a fee that reflects what they can afford and the school’s available funds. 

All applications and required documents for financial assistance are submitted through Clarity, our third-party financial assistance portal. Financial Aid applications are due on February 1st and there is a $60 application fee collected through Clarity. Decisions are made based on information submitted through this Clarity portal.

Applications can be accessed at

Need Assistance with your Application?

Family support is available in both Spanish and English throughout the application process. You can access the Clarity resources through the help button in the app. You can also email support at Or you can call support at 206-210-3752.  

I don't think I can convey how amazing the
program is. The teachers are second to none. -Stretch Parent

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